For this study we took a random address from within Huntington Park area in California. So for those living in more rural areas, please consider the increased risk in more populated areas. Please also note these are not final quotes but preliminary quotes prior to the validation process etc. Quotes will vary for each individual driver based on address, driving and insurance history, discounts etc.

2017 Mustang GT
Age 20 Yr Old Single Male
Location: Huntington Park, CA 90255
No tickets/accidents/claims
Minimum Coverage w/ Comp & Collision 1,000 Deductibles
15/30 bodily injury, 5 P.D.
No additional optional coverage

Compared Insurance Quotes:

  1. Progressive: $407.28 Down -> $326 Mo
  2. Esurance $423.16, 106 if liability only (down payment unknown)
  3. Allstate $427/month with Down Payment: $847
  4. StateFarm: $499.66 Mo
  5. Liberty Mutual: $651 Per Month

We will continue building this list for you. Please like the page and come back for a visit. Hoping to get 10 or 20 on here.

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